Rescue Pen
Rescue Pen
Rescue Pen
Rescue Pen
Rescue Pen
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Rescue Pen

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It's a pen. It's a stylus. It's a ruler. It's a screwdriver (yes, a Phillips and flat head.) It's a leveler. It's everything you never knew you needed on you at all times. 

This heavy weight multi-use genius of a pen will come to your rescue when you least expect it. Then you'll be really glad you got one.

Also perfect for:

  • your best DIY, hands-on pal
  • keeping your screens fingerprint free
  • making sure your wall art is perfectly aligned
  • tightening eyeglass hinges
  • the one you call to help you fix things (now they have no excuse to not help you!)
  • both guys and gals and everyone - because everyone can know how to use tools

Other details:

  • heavy side
  • black ballpoint ink
  • metal casing
  • comes in silver or black 
  • stylus screwcap covers screwdrivers
  • screwdriver heads can be switched (wiggle, pull, then flip)

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