Throwback Pen Set of 3
Throwback Pen Set of 3
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Throwback Pen Set of 3

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Yeah, you've probably seen these multi-ink pens before, but the clear casing adds a fresh look. So rock that fanny pack, overalls, and hi-top (I love the classic bare beige!) But if you're going to do nostalgia right, you'll need this pen to perfect the look.

Also perfect for:

  • doodling rainbows
  • color-coding notes
  • planning and bujo decorating
  • the indecisive

Other details:

  • light weight
  • plastic casing
  • ballpoint pen
  • set of 3 pens in an order (you know, 2 for you and 1 for the friend who has the other half of your "Best Friends" heart necklace)
  • each pen has 6 colors: black, red, orange, green, blue, purple
  • stout
  • larger grip


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