Manila File Sticky Tabs
Manila File Sticky Tabs
Manila File Sticky Tabs
Manila File Sticky Tabs
Sparkly Scribes

Manila File Sticky Tabs

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Help file those scribbled notes away...or at least keep tabs of everything.

Also perfect for

  • use as bookmarks and page markers without having to ruin pages with dog-eared pages
  • when you don't have an actual manila folder on hand, but really need it so you can use these instead
  • knowing exactly where to turn in notes for that that big presentation so you'll nail it

Other details

  • Sold in set of 3 color palettes that reminds us of sea green, cotton candy, and sky blue
  • Each color palette  has 6 different shades of greens, blues, and pink/purples
  • Each shade varies in size from mini-sticky note to large
  • Each palette has 60 sheets each: total 180 sheets
  • Made in Asia so please don't be surprised about character writing on packaging :-)

Note: our personal sticky note challenge first thought the adhesives weren't strong enough given the way it was packaged; however, in using the notes one at a time, we've found they stick beautifully on regular printer + paper note book sheets.

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