One of our goals is to help bring a smile to your face. We hope this information helps do that by answering some questions.  

1. What does my purchase support?

Currently, for each check out transaction, Sparkly Scribes aims to set aside one writing tool for a specific cause. To learn more about where these donations go, please see the Giving Back page.

2. How does shipping work if I live outside the US?

We can ship anywhere in the world as long as our carrier service does, too. At this time, we're unable to provide discounted deals on shipping for outside the US. All shipping options will be available at time of checkout. 

3. What if I change my mind about my delivered purchase?

Any unused and undamaged product can be returned for a refund minus any and all shipping and handling fees. We want to be sure you're happy with your purchase, but used pens or pencils would be pretty tough to re-sell so qualified returns are limited. So in regard to quality, products are inspected with care when it comes through our doors and is custom packed with love. 

4. Why does everything in my package mostly only come in bubble wrap?

We want to use less materials when possible and save you a little bit of time to get down to using your orders. 

5. What if I'm looking for more variety in stationery products?

We're taking first steps to help you sparkle with basic scribe tools: the pen, pencil, and notepad. We hope to grow your search options each time you come back to visit us at Sparkly Scribes.

Send us ideas of what you'd like to see in our shop. We'll write some notes down!

6. Are the pens refillable? //  Where can I find pen refills?

Yes! Pens are refillable. While our awesome customers have reported finding ink refills online from other sellers and office supply retail stores, we are working to have refills available in our shop this year to ease the search.

7. What if I want to place a large order for an event I'm hosting?

Please contact us at info@sparklyscribes.com at least one month before your event. We want to be sure we have what it takes to add the right amount of sparkle to your event.

We're happy to connect with you to set-up a party favor bar: you can select a certain style, color, and set number of supplies your guests can pick and choose as their favors to remember your awesome event.

Don't find what you need? Email us at info@sparklyscribes.com!