If there's one thing I can say about 2018, it would definitely be about the value of community.

Looking out for each other brings immeasurable value to our success and quality of life. Sparkly Scribes has been able to bring smiles to others this year because of community - whether by geography, industry, passion, etc.  So in the holiday spirit, I want to use this month's post to share a list of communities who bring people of all backgrounds together to celebrate and support each other. Life's a party after all!

  1. The fabulous ladies behind @thelocalbazaar, @theforummakersmarket, @flowerhillmakersbazaar
  2. The passionate team at Made in Paradise Hills Night Market
  3. West Elm San Diego's Local Pop-ups
  4. San Diego Mom's Blog and countless mom groups, small biz, and entrepreneur leaders (we follow them on IG!)
  5. And you! 

We couldn't do this without you.

Thank you!

Joyeux Noel,


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