New year, better me

Happy 2019! We're excited to keep the day dream going and take new steps to grow in lots of ways this year.

#1 Personally, I want to prioritize a balanced schedule that pens in important time blocks for self-care, family time, social events, and health in various ways. Since the holidays, I've used our throwback pen to help color-code my schedule. If I see too much of one color, I know I have to balance things out. Or sometimes say no to the things that don't serve the direction I'm going in at that time. But it also points out the areas where I need to challenge myself. Sometimes that means having to gather energy to reach out and initiate contact. Things get busy, but it's so meaningful to take time to follow-up on things you say you'll do, people you'll follow-up with, and places you want to go.

With each hand packed order, every profile visit, and every IG connection, it makes me so happy to see I'm not alone in sticky note reminders, planning, scheduling, and color coordinating to help us live our best lives with a little organizing support. Being balanced makes me less distracted. And I'm able to make time for real connections.

#2 As a family, we'd like to stay better connected. That means less phone time and maybe even more handwritten cards, notes, and letters for affirmations and when we aren't together.

#3 And last, but definitely not least: as a really small biz, we hope to meet more inspirational folks and participate in new vendor events.

I don't generally do resolutions, but prefer to have some aims like these to guide me past survival mode, feeling a little more put together than I was the day before. 

What steps do you take to stay balanced in various aspects of your life?



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