Good ol' days

You're just in time for our June/July post. This reminds me of the '90s when I couldn't wait for the snail mail so I could receive the summer issues of YM and Teen People magazine (don't judge!) But, seriously, I did look forward to seeing how the publishing world would justify two months worth of "swoon-worthy news" in just one issue. Be it the latest advice for handling a zit crisis, my numerology summer forecast, or new quiz on which boy band member was the one for me. 

How time flies...there's something about summer and nostalgia. Perhaps because adulting doesn't give me much of a summer break anymore. But most importantly, as unfulfilling or unproductive I may have felt my summers were at the time, those were the days. Today, I can now look back and say I have no regrets. For every book I read over those youthful summers, celebrating birthdays at Disneyland (it was my one wish each summer!), and the rest of vacay at Grandma's house, I can contentedly say it gives me comfort as I continue to grow into who I am meant to be. In my case, bookish, simple, and lover of family movie nights. Kind of vanilla, but I love vanilla. 

And while that's not always the definition of fun for some, that's okay. We live to enjoy the life we have and we should live it in a way that's true to ourselves so we have zero regrets - or as little as possible; no one's perfect. So, with ice cream cone in hand, here's to you and your fave ice cream flavor. Ice cream is always a good idea in the summer. Don't you think?



Oh, and like those mags of yore, it's a 2 for 1 post:

As for us here at Sparkly Scribes, we've been on a bit of a hiatus while we review our growth strategy for the back-to-school and winter holiday seasons and juggle adjusting to a new day job. Step one of gazillion: the summer savings sale happening the rest of July so everyone can stock up for the adventures ahead.

We've missed you online and on Instagram, but we're here! Keep in touch anytime.

May this be a summer full of memories that you and your squad can look back on one day and say, "Those were the good old days; glad we had each other.  Let's keep the friendship magic going."

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