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Work smarter, not harder. That's something my family and I have talked about a lot, but especially more so lately.

When we're feeling stretched thin, it's hard not to be more snappy and irritable. Then we end up wasting the little energy we have left trying to make a point we later realize wasn't really worth it.

If you've never felt this way, please comment with your secret(s)! 

Coffee has helped us get our days started: pour-over, French press, AeroPress, drip. We'll take it all. :-) But that's not what this is all really about. I wanted to take this month in between summer and holidays (crazy that it's really that close, right?) to hope we all can take a break to find some balance, no matter what we're dealing with right now.

I've found that balance is hard to come by when I have no energy. We all have the same amount of time in one day, but life's cycle can really make that feel hard to believe sometimes. Case in point, I see other moms whipping into shape, when I can barely find energy to whip up dinner. Or I see our new neighbors being so productive in their yard and I've hardly cleaned out my closet from spring cleaning...last year. 

Part of what I'm finding as I'm assessing how I split my time amongst day job career growth, this passion project/side biz, daughter, spouse, friend, and best of all - parent, is that I need to stay motivated. 

Motivation and goal-setting all sound great, but there are just some days that it's hard to get things started. I feel there are some things we can prioritize to help us live and thrive, not just survive the day-to-day grind. For me, it's been surrounding myself with people who inspire me and uplift me (but not lie to me just to make me feel better), having music around while sitting at my desk, challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone, and sometimes it means being okay with taking a little bit of time to veg out and be still. It's taking some time for me to learn guilt-free feelings about not doing anything or having to rush around anywhere. I'm learning to live by my own advice to work more efficiently and put our energies toward something better, which is helping us enjoy the energy we have to get things done.

I'd love to hear how you're finding ways to be efficient, stay healthy, energized, organized, and get things done!

And I'm always open to your suggestions for good music while you work or study.

In case you made it this far...I'm really enjoying:

  • My husband's homemade Mazapan lattes, not to be confused with marzipan - lots of recipes online
  • Stumptown's Holler Mt. and Hair Bender
  • Dash of Better Buzz's vanilla powder in coffee for a little treat
  • Sammy Johnson songs for aloha vibes any day of the year
  • Yuna, Agnes Obel, Iron + Wine for something mellow
  • Some Devendra Banhart and Young the Giant for whistling while I work
  • Some Luis Fonsi for a little dancing
  • Classic '90s R&B for nostalgia

All the best,


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