Celebrating all gals!

February has so much to celebrate across cultures; however, we're happy to know that Galentine's day (on the 13th) has made its way from tv into a real-life female empowerment event.

On that note, here are 3 things we love about girls helping girls + some references we recommend checking out any day of the year:

1. We realize every shape, size, style, and color is beautiful because instead of competing with each other, we're celebrating our unique qualities that help us learn from each other. Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba has this message down!

2. We remember that we are lovable and fun, which can get lost in the midst of studying to ace exams, balancing work + interests, making quality time for family, and for other mamas out there: (unnecessary, but real) mom guilt. Conferenceformoms.com started by Desi Ward has great events that tackle the juggling act of motherhood!

3. We become part of a community that offers compassion, creativity, and lots of talent that paves the way for so many others, especially young girls to envision their full potential and young boys to learn how to collaborate and treat all as equals.  @galsthatbrunch encourages community-building with sincerity all over the country + growing internationally. 

References made here are not sponsored by any of the people or groups mentioned. While I wish I knew the awesome ladies behind big change + movement, I just want to share resources that have interested me. You know, in case it interests you or someone you know and can be the difference in someone's joy today. 

What's your perfect way to celebrate you or your favorite people?

Here's to you + your fabulousness!

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