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Come on! We're turning one this month and are grateful for your support. That's why we're using this month's post to make it official that now through Christmas this year, we'll be offering different surprise deals. Please check in again soon, but start with our BOGO deal from 11/13 to 11/17. (No code needed!)

And here's my must-try list for decorating for a celebration at home, especially when short on time with limited budgets: 

1. Party favor/thank you gifts - something practical like a pen, lip balm, candle. Or something edible (that doubles as dessert!)

2. Fresh flowers for ambiance - even if it's one larger arrangement that can be a focal point on your table or main party area.

3. Menu cards or place card signs  (if self serve buffet bar) - an easy way to add color and creativity on your table and help identify any unique dishes.

4. Framed old pictures - makes whatever you're celebrating more personal and even better when it includes guests attending the party.

5. Themed wreath or welcome sign at the main entrance - with colors or charms that match the season or your party theme.

The aim is to personalize the event and create a way that easily ties things in together and make guests feel welcome.

Always happy to learn any tips you have or see pictures of these tips put into action

Party on,


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