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Ever wonder from your screen of choice how well our current pens actually write? We thought we heard you ask if these novelty pens are just for looks. Well, you're in luck because we're using this post to share actual reviews we've received in person and online.

While we trial each product ourselves for weeks or even months before deciding to bring them to you, we think it's safe to say that while nothing is perfect, these pens are beautiful + smart, too! Just like you, really. Don't take our word for it (a la Reading Rainbow!) take theirs:

 Brilliant Gem Pens: 5 out of 5 stars


This pen is amazing! I love it! It has such a fun and cute writing tip that just makes you want to write even more notes. The pen cap stores easily on the other end so you won't lose it. Would make the best teacher gift!  


Fruit Salad Assorted Pens: 4 out of 5 stars


This is an adorable pen!...There's just no place to keep the pen cap. I was hoping that the fruits were on the pen cap but the cap comes off and then you hold it while you are writing, so you can put the cap on when you're done. Not so convenient for on the go, best to buy ask a desk pen. The pen writes really well.



The most common feedback we get at events after people trial each pen is a variation of "Oh these write really well, too! I thought they were just going to be cute or sparkly." :-)

Your feedback means a lot to us. Feel free to drop a line online any time!

Last note for now, but not least: with Spring just around the corner and everything in bloom...We look forward to meeting more of you at an upcoming event!

Catch us in Del Mar later this season and West Elm in April. More deets on its way @sparklyscribes on Instagram.


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