All for One, One for All

If there's one thing we've enjoyed about getting to do markets + events in our community, it's the 1:1 interaction with everyone. This means other vendors, event planners, volunteers, community members, and loyal supporters! It's been great hearing so many people's stories and plans for our pens, but we're most excited to use those purchases and be able to give back to our world community.

We're looking for a cause this year to give back + donate some writing supplies, but while we're doing that, we've learned about some fabulous organizations + causes from the people we've met at events. 

Here are just a couple causes that we thought you might want to check out, too:

  • that churns out school uniforms for students in Africa. See their site for details on how cool that works!
  • Start with a Heart Fiesta in Encinitas, CA @moonlight beach is a fundraiser for four children around the world with a life-threatening heart condition. It's a day of family-friendly activities that gives back!

Please drop us a line about how you're staying connected with community, whether local or international. 

What you do is proof you sparkle + shine just the way you are!


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